Moving through Unprecedented Times

What has occurred in our country during 2020 has truly been unprecedented. With the onslaught of a worldwide pandemic, some things have dramatically changed – like how we interact with one another. And, unfortunately, other things have not changed – like the apparent corruption and poor leadership throughout the government resulting in a death count we could never have imagined.

The United States being number one on the planet for COVID-19 related deaths is far from our country’s proudest accomplishment. Because the pandemic hit us in an election year it was highly politicized. Unfortunately, it appears science took a back seat to politics. That choice by Washington fueled a truly dangerous situation – as can be attested to by the number of COVID-19 related deaths resulting.

While we are always helpless to change the past – we are always still in control of our immediate response to most stimuli in our daily lives. To those eternal optimists out there, one silver lining may be worth mentioning: The number of individuals who chose to go out and get into business on their own increased. While probably mostly due to severe economic pressure, regardless, they made the leap!