Moving through Unprecedented Times

What has occurred in our country during 2020 has truly been unprecedented. With the onslaught of a worldwide pandemic, some things have dramatically changed – like how we interact with one another. And, unfortunately, other things have not changed – like the apparent corruption and poor leadership throughout the government resulting in a death count we could never have imagined.

The United States being number one on the planet for COVID-19 related deaths is far from our country’s proudest accomplishment. Because the pandemic hit us in an election year it was highly politicized. Unfortunately, it appears science took a back seat to politics. That choice by Washington fueled a truly dangerous situation – as can be attested to by the number of COVID-19 related deaths resulting.

While we are always helpless to change the past – we are always still in control of our immediate response to most stimuli in our daily lives. To those eternal optimists out there, one silver lining may be worth mentioning: The number of individuals who chose to go out and get into business on their own increased. While probably mostly due to severe economic pressure, regardless, they made the leap!

Proud to be Helping new Businesses

We at CharlesWorks are in the business of getting entrepreneurs online. We strongly empathize with all those individuals who – through zero fault of their own – lost their jobs as a result of this COVID-19 pandemic.

We have been so sorry to see so many businesses go under so far.

So, we at CharlesWorks are more proud than ever about the work we do for people. Helping them to get their online presence! Fueling the hopes and aspirations of folks just trying to make a living! Helping them to strive toward being successful at whatever new endeavor they have sought to explore!

Fitting Everything Together

WordPress has become incredibly intricate over the many years CharlesWorks has been developing websites. As a platform of its own, it consists of thousands of PHP programs (scripts) running in unison.

As open source, the source code is in the public domain. This gives all of us access to it – including those who would use it maliciously. Hence the need for the dreaded security updates.

It is not uncommon in very complex sites for issues to arise after the application of security updates to the WordPress core, themes or plugins. You must bear in mind that each of those types of components are the culmination of many, many programmers. Looking at WordPress as the huge working system that it is can leave one in awe that so many moving parts can be harnessed in unison. Most of the time, anyway!

In very simple sites (like this one) there are seldom issues. In many cases simple sites can evolve into complicated monsters. We’ll have to see what happens here. The addition of a weather widget in the sidebar- a rather simple endeavor – will make it just a little more complicated!